honeymoon stories of arranged marriage || Romantic stories of arranged marriage ishqwalapyar.

 honeymoon stories of arranged marriage

honeymoon stories of arranged marriage

- A Fear of the First Night How to do the First Night!

After marriage, a custom comes for the bride and groom on the first night, which we call the honeymoon. This first night is very confusing for every newlywed, while on the other hand, both the boy and the girl are very curious the first night. The excitement of this first night can be on many levels in men and women. There are many such expressions in the mind of both of them for the first night which become a cause of fear or panic, Before marriage, many types of thoughts keep coming in the youth about their first night, thinking about the first night as much as they expect from their marriage, there is a fear in their mind, about the first night of marriage. The fear or uneasiness that happens in girls, is almost the same panic that happens in boys.

-Arranged Marriage of First Night!

The idea of ​​the first night of arranged marriage must have come to everyone at least once in life. It is another matter that even if you have not had an arranged marriage, then such thoughts must have come into your mind, right?

If so, then the first question that must have come to mind is that the first night of an arranged married couple is called Honeymoon. How would she live? To overcome their nervousness, people keep looking for honeymoon tips, etc.

Well, only those people who are arranged will be able to answer this question better. There has been a marriage.

-Discussion on First Night!

There has also been a discussion on the first night in the Quora thread. Some of the comments in that thread are convincing and honest, if you are also curious about the first night then here is an interesting comment from them, which will win your heart.

First Night Story

-First Night Story!

An unnamed woman has shared her husband's first-night reaction very beautifully.

My husband and I have waited for 2 months for us to have sex. My husband was the first and only person my parents saw for me. Family members met him and got everyone's approval for the first time. Then we both went on two dates one after the other.

I believed that in an arranged marriage, men only need a virgin wife, and the girl should not have affairs with anyone. I did not want to marry such a boy who had such mentalities.

Although when we met on the date, he didn't ask anything like that. But I started telling him everything that I have been in a serious relationship for a long time and of course, I am not a virgin and neither do I have any regret for not being a virgin. So if he only wants a virgin girl, then I am not that. Even if I were a virgin, I would not want to marry a man who only wants a virgin girl, I was telling him all this when my future husband and I were not so close to each other that we were not close enough to each other. To hold his hand.

-Husband's reaction to virginity!

He burst out laughing and asked me if I thought he was a boy from the 1950s. He said that he liked to share all this with me, but anyway, he had no such condition that he wanted a virgin girl.

After a few days, we got engaged and got married in months. Everything happened so quickly that we could not even get close to each other, could not even understand each other. After the wedding ceremony, we were sent to a hotel for the first niche. I still remember how we spent the night.

Memorable Night Story

-Memorable Night!

4am-4.20am Check-in at the hotel.

Was sitting from 4.20am-4.40am. He sat on both his knees and held my hands, after praising my beauty, told me that he was very lucky that he got the privilege of being the husband of a girl like me and started showering his compliments.

4.40am She realized that I am feeling very uncomfortable in the wedding dress. He started helping me take off my heavy clothes,  7am - Together we managed to remove the countless safety pins, hair extensions, makeup and jewelry stuck in my hair 7am Bam- We took a shower, dressed up regularly, and then had a break Bam we lay down at a distance of about half a foot. But holding each other's hand, and started talking about all the things that happened in the marriage, it was not known when we both fell asleep during the talks.

-Honeymoon Trip!

My husband had booked a UK tour for his honeymoon for 2 weeks. It was an 8-hour flight. We got off the plane and went straight to our hotel. I'm telling the truth. Now I was starting to feel that I have come for honeymoon, people go for sex on honeymoon, my friends had told me many first night jokes, and all those things started resonating in my ears now.

We were quite late, after having a light dinner, he went to the hotel gym and said "If you're not too tired, wait for me."

First Night Confusion

-First Night Confusion!

Now the time had come, due to which I was afraid. The first night, I was trembling with fear. When we both entered the room, I knew that the person I am with was my husband, but we had not even kissed yet. I was not at all mentally prepared to be intimate with him. I thought I should pretend to be asleep, but in how many days would I be able to do that? I didn't want to disappoint him on the first night of our honeymoon by being the wife who pretends to be a headache. She's so good.

His sister-in-law got me shopping for several lingerie for our first night. I knew it meant nothing. I felt like a slut because I was about to have sex with a man I didn't even know very well. I was not able to accept myself as a wife till now. But what was my option? My lingerie was laid on the bed. I was trying to muster up the courage to wear them.

Suddenly there came a voice "Don't you think it's too early to put on all these? I just wished we should go for a walk now." Thinking about the coming moments of my first night, I didn't even know how an hour passed. He had also come from the gym. Thank you", "I'm so sorry": "I can do it if you want"; "I can't do it the first night".

-love on the first night!

He hugged me and held me tight in his arms to calm me down. What I said next With her he had honestly laid a strong foundation for our relationship, "You are my wife. We didn't get married just because you could please me. Never got a chance to meet you on a regular basis. Sorry.

We jumped straight into the final stages of getting married. But I still want us to maintain a healthy relationship, I still want to go through all those phases, you are my wife, and I don't want to hurt your self-esteem by taking off your clothes, of being a husband myself Don't want to lie down on you pretending to be possessive,  I don't want to lie on you, claiming myself to be a husband, you will become the mother of my child after a few days. I need to take care of that dignity, of course, we will love each other, and let love happen as naturally as love, then not just the first night of love. Rather enjoy every golden moment.

That was the moment on our first night when I felt like falling in love with him.

It was starting to be felt. I am not able to forget my first night. I have never... never thought that even such a thought process can be maintained by a person.

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