Break up love stories | love breakup story | What to do and how to handle yourself after a breakup.

What to do and how to handle yourself after a breakup.

what to do after breakup

what to do after breakup

The heart hurts a lot after a breakup, this accident that hurts the mind is like a shock. The life of the one who has suffered this shock changes and those who cannot bear it, life changes, there is no difference in these changes of life, it is only that after the breakup, the life of the one who took care of himself got saved and the one who did not. If you are able to handle life, then those who love should know what to do and what not to do after breakup, Since love is there, unfortunately breakup can also be faced.. So why not update in advance how to handle yourself after breakup and how to take care of yourself.

meet happy people

After a breakup, keep yourself away from people with negative thoughts. After meeting people of negative thoughts, only negative thoughts will come in the mind, due to which you may always have to face sadness and sorrow, bad thoughts will keep coming in your mind towards yourself or partner. Remembering the moments gone by will always be sad and sad.

meet happy people

Therefore, spend more and more of your time in contact with happy people, happy people always remain happy. One gets to learn the skills of living life from such people. No matter how sad the mind is after a breakup, seeing happy and optimistic people gives the inspiration to move forward in life.

be lost in memories

It is the nature of us humans that we give less importance to what we have, but when the same thing goes away, then we start getting restless for it. He misses every single thing. The moments passed with him... laughing... speaking... crying... celebrating... fighting... quarreling... everything keeps on remembering,

be lost in memories

Keep looking at the gift given by him... It is also natural to cry and agonize after seeing the places where you used to meet him and it is not easy to control these emotions, but life is the name of going on... keep moving forward It is the rule of the world, so get out of its memories, accept whatever time gives, let's dance in the fun of life.

Solitude is also important

Often after a breakup, people are advised to stay away from solitude or loneliness. In such an emotional state when the mind is sad. It is wise to avoid loneliness. When the heart and mind are sobbing in a wounded condition, 

•In such a situation solitude or loneliness takes us into the quagmire of pain. But on the other hand we also have to consider why whatever happened to us happened.

Solitude is also important

where did the mistake happen? Have we made any mistake? If it was the partner's fault, was it not fair to ignore his mistake as a mistake? After a breakup, it is natural to be surrounded by such questions, the correct answers to these questions can be found only through self-churning, and for self-churning, some moments of solitude are necessary. 

avoid bad habits

After a breakup, people inculcate many bad habits to forget Ram. It is very common to become addicted to drugs to ease the pain of the mind. Therefore, whenever there is a desire to get intoxicated, it is necessary to think once that if the pain or problems start to go away only by intoxication, then every living being on the earth should get into the habit of intoxication, because what is a human being? Rather, there is not a single creature that is not going through some kind of pain or difficulty.

So accept the truth... Learn to accept what life gives you... Avoid getting addicted to drugs to forget memories or to reduce pain.

get out of separation

Meeting and separation of people goes on in life, to be honest, meeting someone is also a coincidence and separation from someone is also a coincidence. We don't know what we expect from our life, but every hope is fulfilled, it is impossible, we have to walk according to time, time does not go according to us, nature decides the direction of the winds, try to change the direction of these winds It's useless.

So let's go ahead with the belief that whatever happens happens for good and whatever happens, it will be good too....and this is true... we need to remember them because it is such a fact Which helps us to get out of every sorrow and sorrow.

hate cradle

In the heart where love used to grow, suddenly the storms of hatred start erupting in the same heart, love lovers do not know how hate and violence start liking after breakup. Heart hurt due to infidelity, does not know how it becomes so weak that the love that has been growing for years gets shattered, how the feelings of love turn into hatred.

Whom he loved forever. Why is it difficult to tolerate one of his indifferences? Lovers are not so weak! What are there? If not, then why this vendetta or hatred? If you think deeply on this subject, you will feel yourself that it does not suit those who love to harbor hatred in the heart.

spying after breakup

After the breakup of the relationship, we often engage in espionage, even after the breakup, we keep thinking only about them. Every moment thoughts keep coming in the mind only for them. Forgetting the world day by day, we keep busy in their news, there is no harm in remembering them every moment or keeping track of their condition.

This is the sign of true love. But, it is very sad when it is revealed that the intention of keeping the partner's news even after the breakup was not love but espionage. Spying is also just because he is not happy with someone else.

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