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inner feelings love quotes

Today we have brought for you inner feelings love quotes so that you too do not hesitate to express your feelings in front of your love. inspirational love quotes, feeling love quotes that will fill your heart with happiness on your love..! We have specially selected these Love Quotes for you. Love is the precious gift of life and it is not limited, not only the love between lover and girlfriend is love, but in every relationship, along with trust, the affection that keeps our relationship alive, so let's have some Love Quotes, Read about it and know what some great people have to say about it.

"Love is not something you look for, 

in fact love finds you." — Loretta Young

I love you. Not may be, not

 tomorrow, not someday, right

 now - at this very moment!

 I realized something.

I need you, I trust you,

 I admire you, I want you. &

 you can be wrong a lot of the

 time, & we can fight, & get

 mad at each other, but

 nothing, nothing in this world

 can change the fact that



I am zero If you are with me

 then you are 10 times. And if

 you are against me then you

 are nothing...


Like a wave,

you kept flowing.

And like the sand,

I kept melting. ❤️


Be happy not because

 everything is gud but because

 you can see the  gud in every...

 thing . 


I'm waiting for that day when

 I don't need to receive any

 morning text,

Because you will be there to

 wake me up.😍❤️


Advice of the day . . . 

Real chemistry is rare. Real love

 is rare. Real support is rare.

 Real friendship is rare. Real is

 rare. If you find it keep it. 

“I'm selfish, impatient and a

 little insecure. I make mistakes,

 I am out of control and at times

 hard to handle. But if you can't

 handle me at my worst, then

 you sure as hell don't deserve

 me at my best.”

I won't give up on you, 

I won't baby, I won't. just cannot.

 I prayed for you to the universe

 and Wished for you from

 shooting stars. No matter how

 bad the situation gonna be,

 I will never give up on you, 

 I  will never let you go.

Find someone who is proud to

 have you, scared to lose you,

 fights for you, appreciates you,

 respects you, cares for you and

 loves you unconditionally. ❤️

Sometimes I act dumb,

Sometimes I become sad,

Sometimes don't believe in

 myself, Sometimes I lose my

 confidence, Sometimes I get

 very negative. But you keep on

 supporting me at every stage.

 Having you by my side is the

 best thing that ever happened

 to me! ❤️

I fight

Because I know you care...❤️

I cry 

Because I know you are there...❤️

Patience and silence is the

 powerful enregies...

Patience  makes you mentally


Silence makes you emotionally


Karma says,

When you fully trust someone

Without any doubt you get one

Of these two results...

~A person for life..❣

~ A lesson for life...🙂

I have never loved anyone

Like I love you..🥺❤️

Please never leave me..


Best Rule For Simple Life 😊🙏

Care With No Reason 😘🥀

Love With No Expectations ❤️💯

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