Love Story in English Heart Touching | Ms. Perfect weds Mr. Prefect

Love Story in English Heart Touching

Hello friends, today I have brought another incredibly beautiful love story to share with you. Please read it in its entirety and let me know how you find this heart-touching love story in English.

Love Story in English Heart Touching

This is the story of Adil and Sayema's love, and how they met. So, let's read it together and explore Adil and Sayema's heart-touching love story in English.

A heart-touching love story in English

Adil was an extraordinary young man, known for his exceptional hard work, handsome appearance, and helpful nature. He was not only an expert in his studies but also possessed great skills in various academic disciplines. Despite being a bit shy, Adil had only one best friend, or rather, we can say that he had just one friend.

And the same Sayema's, who along with being a smart, beautiful, and humble girl, average in studies and expert in mother's kitchen work, Sayema's did not work in the kitchen.

Because he enjoyed it and also because he found joy in seeing the happiness on his mother's face when he helped her, Sayema used to assist her mother. Sayema also had a younger brother whom everyone loved dearly.

A few days later, Sayema's father got promoted, and they moved to Adil's colony. At that time, Adil was heading to play cricket when his gaze suddenly fell upon Sayema. She was a fair-skinned girl with curly hair of chestnut brown, and her lips and eyelashes were so captivating that one would desire to get lost in them. Adil couldn't take his eyes off Sayema as he continued to watch her. Sayema went inside her house with her family, and Adil proceeded to play cricket after that.

A heart-touching love story in English

But that day Adil's mind was not interested in cricket at all and he kept thinking only about Sayema, he came home and kept thinking about Sayema the whole night. The next day he comes to know from one of his friends that her name is Sayema and she will remain the same. From that day Adil did not even go to play cricket.

During that time, Sayema would come up to her rooftop to take off her clothes, and Adil would simply keep watching her.

Days passed by in a similar manner, and a few days later, when Sayema was returning from the market, she spotted Adil standing by the roadside. She stopped him and said, "You're Adil, right?" Adil was astonished and replied, "Yes, but how do you know?" She explained that her mother always used to give Adil as an example to motivate her to study, and they had quite a few conversations between them.

Then both of them used to talk whenever they met somewhere and meanwhile, they became friends.

Now whenever Sayema came to the terrace, both used to talk to each other without hesitation and her mother also did not speak to her because Adil was smart and good at studies.

And gradually Adil gave her mobile no. asked for and now they started talking the whole night

There was a good acquaintance between his family as well and his father sent a birthday card to Adil's house for his younger son i.e. Sayema's brother.

And Adil went to her place and when Sayema came downstairs after getting ready, Adil kept looking at her, that day Sayema was wearing a saree.

Looking at the blue colored saree with red splashes on it, it seemed as if this saree was made only for her.

Sayema saw Adil and she went to him and said: Hii Adil! And Adil was so busy looking at her that he could not even reply to her Hii.

And then she shook Adil and said Adil where are you lost and Adil was shocked

Adil said: No and yes today you are looking very beautiful Sayema was shy Adil proposed to her without delay.

Adil: Sayema, I don't know whether it is love or not, but when I am with you, I feel very good and when you are not around, then only this thought comes into my heart.

That you just come from somewhere and say, Hii Adil

Sayema: Took a pause and smilingly said, oh fool, this is love and I feel the same way "I LOVE YOU".

Because the family members of both were educated, they approved of their love regardless of caste.

Love Story in English Heart Touching

With this, I leave you, friends, how did you like this Love Story in Hindi Heart Touching, do tell by commenting, if you have liked this story even a little bit, then definitely share it and follow us to read such posts.

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